APIIDA Mobile Authentication


APIIDA Mobile Authentication is a password-less multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution based on smartphones. It derives its enhanced security by leveraging the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) of smartphones to create and store the secrets (keypair, certificates, user information) needed to securely log-in a user at his workstation. Additional use cases of APIIDA Mobile Authentication are secondary authentications (i.e. Windows Terminal Server or Citrix), secure connections via VPN or the email and document signing. APIIDA Mobile Authentication doubles as a FIDO2 compliant authenticator. The FIDO2 functionality even works if the device is not paired with the client computer on the operating system level.

In comparison to other “2FA” or “MFA” solutions, APIIDA Mobile Authentication features offline-capability, a secure fall-back solution using the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) of laptop computers and an excellent User Experience and user acceptance through modern user interfaces and easy integration to the workflows and behaviours of Digital Natives.

Components and Deployment Models

Mobile Authentication consists of multiple components and can be deployed either in your own data centers or as a cloud-native SaaS solution. The mobile app is available for both Android and IOS. Windows client software is available Windows 10 starting with feature release 1803.



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